The PaceSetters
Bellevue, Washington
1964 - 1965


Eddie Bishop ~ Bass
Doug Carr ~ Guitar
Pete Haskell ~ Keyboards
Roy Scimeca ~ Drums
Brent Smith ~ Trumpet
Trent Smith ~ Saxophone
Keith Sorensen ~ Guitar

Image courtesy of Doug Carr

The PaceSetters formed at Tillicum Jr High.  Left to right in the above photo are: Keith Sorensen on guitar, Eddie Bishop on bass, Trent Smith on tenor, Doug Carr on guitar, and Roy Scimeca on drums.

Eddie Bishop, October 2011

Doug Carr's first gig at Tillicum Jr. High School - 1964 - Image courtesy of Doug Carr

"The original cast was myself, Trent Smith Sax, Brent Smith trumpet (dropped out fairly soon after it started) Roy Scimeca Drums, Pete Haskell Keys, Eddie Bishop Bass and Keith Sorenson Guitar. Brent and Trent Smith never went on to any other PNW bands."

"If I recall the band started in 1964 (shortly after the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan) then morphed into the Rouges and then finally The Revolution Kind.  It lost momentum in about 1968.   Roy Scimeca and Pete Haskell joined up with Marc Lagen and Steve O'Rear from another local band "Interstate 5" added Barney Armstrong and formed Ralph - After a few years under the directions of Don McKinney Ralph sans Barney Armstrong combined forces with Cliff Wiess, Trumpet, Glenn Hueckel Bari sax, Joe Richards Vocals to form Superband. Later additions were Gregg Pettit and Joel Johnson.   (I came back to Superband as Road Manager).   When Superband broke up circa 1972 the original Ralph members went on to tour and backed Merrilee Rush on the tails of her Angel of the Morning hit.   I went back to school.  I picked up the guitar and started performing again in about 1992"

Doug Carr, October 2011

They practiced at our house in the garage "for sure" and we had the police out many times to ask us to turn down the volume.

Keith Sorensen, June 2013

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Last Update:   5 June 2013
Credits:  Eddie Bishop, Doug Carr, Keith Sorensen
Band # 2939