Rock Collection
Seattle, Washington
1969 - 1973


Dave Anderson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Cole ~ Drums
Dave Cook ~ Bass, Vocals
Rob Hartzel ~ Saxophone
Bob Lenz ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Whelland ~ Keyboards
John Williams ~ Vocals

The Rock Collection went on from 1969 through 1973.    The group consisted of Dave Cook, Greg Cole, Dave Anderson Tim Whelland.  We played High Schools, Parkers, The A'Go Go etc.   We continued playing much of the same music as in the Nightriders but added Hendricks, Cream,  and Jefferson Airplane.

We opened for bands such as  Merrilee Rush, The Wailers, Paul Revere etc.  We found out that there was another band was called The Rock Collection.  That's all I can remember.....after all it was the 70's.

Greg Cole, January 2007

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Last Update:  17 January 2007
Credits:  Greg Cole
 Band # 2137