The Rogues
Bellevue, Washington
1965 - 1967

Doug Carr ~ Guitar
Pete Haskell ~ Keyboards
Roy Scimeca ~ Drums
Brent Smith ~ Trumpet
Trent Smith ~ Saxophone
Keith Sorensen ~ Guitar
Bob Toole ~ Bass

In the top photo... The Rogues at the Spring festival celebration at the Bellevue Plaza (April 29th 1966). The Bel-Square Mall today is where the open plaza once stood. This image shows our drummer, Roy Scimeca, singing.  In the front row, left to right, are Doug Carr and Keith Sorensen.
This image show the line up in the front row far left Doug Carr, Keith Sorensen, Bob Tool, and Trent Smith   In the background on keys was Pete Haskell.  The drums can be seen right corner with Rogues on the bass drum.

The Pacesetters evolved into the Rouges of Bellevue.  The band was Doug Carr, Pete Haskell, Roy Scimeca, Trent Smith and his brother Brent.  On bass was a new guy Bob Toole.

Most of us went to Newport High School and others went to Sammamish High School, both in Bellevue.  We participated in the KJR battle of the Bands at Seattle Center.  We played Lake Hills, Bellevue Square, Sock Hops and later at the Galaxie in Eastgate as the Revolution Kind.

Keith Sorensen, December 2008 and June 2013

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Last Update:  7 June 2013
Credits:  Keith Sorensen
Band # 561