Marion Vinton, Ed Tveden, Jim Kikota, Tex Mitchell, Don Rich (Ulrich), Jack Wohl, Emil Spahr Jr. and Bob Schonack
Tex Mitchell Band
Aka:  Tex Mitchell and The Rythm Riders
Olympia, Washington
1950's - 1960


Jim Mikota ~ Steel Guitar
Tex Mitchell ~ Guitar
Donald E. Rich (Ulrich) ~ Guitar
Emil Spahr Jr. ~ Bass
Bob Schonack ~ Accordian
Ed Tveden ~ Fiddle, Trumpet
Marion Vinton ~ Drums
Jack Wohl ~ Fiddle

Others Who Worked with Tex Mitchell

Mark Bean ~ Drums
Danny Daniels ~ Fiddle
Chuck Griffin ~ Fiddle
Lem Hale ~ Lead Guitar
Bob Hart ~ Lead Guitar
Keith Holter ~ Lead Guitar
Chubby Howard ~ Steel Guitar
Norm Jackson ~ Lead and Bass Guitar
Frank Jones ~ Bass
Jean Koski ~ Accordion, Vocals
Clyde Landsaw ~ Lead Guitar (also Don Rich's guitar teacher)
Marilyn Martin ~ Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jeannie Mitchell ~ Vocals
Steve Mitchell ~ Lead and Bass Guitar
Ty Willard ~ Lead Guitar
Candy Robinson ~ Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Robinson ~ Drums
Lois Robinson ~ Vocals
Ray Robinson ~ Steel Guitar
Hal Sapp ~ Drums
Ellen Slater ~ Vocals
Jim Spahr ~ Drums
Bob Starzell ~ Drums
Jim Torrance ~ Steel Guitar

This is the Tex Mitchell Band. They played extensively at Playquato Ballroom in the late 1950's early 1960.

The story is that Don Rich was spirited away from Tex Mitchell by Buck Owens. The deal was made in the backseat of my Dad's (Emil Spahr) 57 Oldsmobile in the parking lot of the Playquato Ballroom.

December 2014

Tex Mitchell was my Father.  I'm very grateful that Tom Spahr was able to find photos and start this page.

All of my Father's many band pictures mysteriously disappeared after my Mother passed away and to my knowledge all of the former members pictured here have passed on as well.  My Father died Dec 27, 1996.

He had many different musicians work for him though the years and of course Don Rich (Ulrich) was the most well known.  He and my Dad maintained an almost Father and Son type relationship until Don's death in 1974 from a motorcycle accident.

My Dad continued to perform well into the 1980's until his health deteriorated.  I played guitar for him in the early 70's before joining The Jerry Neese Band aka Jerry and the Jerrymen.

Back in the old days when these photos were taken, this band was called Tex Mitchell and The Rythm Riders and was based out of Olympia.

Steve Mitchell, December 2014

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Last Update:  6 December 2014
Credits:  Tom Spahr, Steve Mitchell
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