Zephyrs - Image Courtesy of Mike Clothier
Joe, Paul, Mike and Pat - Image Courtesy of Mike Clothier
The Zephyrs
Spokane, Washington
1960 - 1964


Original Lineup

Mike (Michael Jay) Clothier ~ Piano
Paul Markham ~ Drums
Pat Morrison ~ Rhythm Guitar
Joe Walden ~ Lead Guitar

Later Members

Bert Beatty ~ Bass
Bob Dunkin ~ Guitar, Vocals
Harold Filez ~ Saxophone
Robin Knoke ~ Organ
Gary Preston ~ Guitar
Bill Timm ~ Bass

Zephyrs, Image courtesy of Michael Jay Clothier
Pat , Paul behind on drums, Joe, Mike (behind girl on right)
 Northtown, Summer of 1960

This web site brought back a lot of memories.  I was also in the Gas Company and the Mark 5, and even played bass on two different occasions, with Jr. Cadillac, as Ned and Les are really old friends.

My dad painted the drum head sign.  Pat Morrison was the old guy in the band, I think he was 18.   Joe Walden, Paul Markham and I were 16.  Later on after Joe left, we used Bill Timm.  Bill wanted to play bass, so he recommended his friend Gary Preston, to be the guitarist.  I stuck around for a few more months and then moved on to the Rockers.

Les Clinkingbeard, also had a group he called, Les Follies. They performed, for a week or two, every year, usually at the Central Tavern, Pioneer Square, or at the Rainbow.  It was my privilege to play bass in that group, which featured, Jeannie King, of the Blossoms, Joe Crowley, Drums, Rich Dangel, guitar, Julian Priester, Trombone, Les Clinkingbeard "of course" sax, Jimmy Manolides, Wurlitzer Piano, Ron Ussery on alto sax, and Mike {Michael Jay) Clothier, on bass. . What a fun band that was.

I still play music professionally. Work as a single, one man band, in Lake Havasu City, Az.

Michael Jay Clothier, January 2006

 I am Robin Knoke, known as "Little Robin" in those days.  I used to play organ or piano with both the Zephyrs and the Trebletones.  I also sang, emulating Rockin' Robin Roberts, Kent Morrill and others... Dirty Robber, Geneieve and Rosilie were some of my favorites.  I also did a good job playing Floyd Cramer when a piano was available.

We traveled around in my '48 Packard hearse.

We did a lot of gigs at Idaho State Line Gardens and Silver Spur. At Silver Spur I often dressed in drag for a falsetto version of "Fever"  - Fun times...

It's been 50 years but I was able to locate Jim Littleton, Dick Baker, and Paul Markham just last month.  Crap! We're all in our 70's!
They're still hanging around Spokane Valley. Dick Baker was Best Man at my wedding.

After getting married, I formed a band in Pasco called "The Night Sounds" - but that's another story.

I live in White Salmon, Washington now, have a baby grand but don't play much anymore.

Robin Knoke, April 2013

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Last Update:  16 April 2013
Credits:  Bert Beatty, Michael Jay Clothier, Robin Knoke
Band # 1288