THe Gas Company - Photo Courtesy of Michael Jay Clothier
The Gas Company
Spokane, Washington
1965  ~ 1968


*Mike (Michael Jay) Clothier ~ Hammond Organ
Barry Curtis ~ Guitar
*Doug Fish ~ Drums
Steve Friedson ~ Keyboards
Jim Kenfield ~ Bass
*Ned Neltner ~ Guitar, Leader
*Bob Rieber ~ Bass
Tony Winslow ~ Drums

* Original Members

John "Kan-Do" Kandarian ~ Roadie

In Memory of

Tony Winslow

Tony Winslow passed away May 4, 2004 after a courageous battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tony was a founding member of The Capers, and the Northwest Rock and Roll Band, who toured the state for the Governors Council of the Arts in the early 1970's.  He also worked with groups such as The Kingsmen and Junior Cadillac before joining Dennis Roberts whom he worked with for many years.

Tony joined our band, Kracker for a short while before his illness forced him to retire.  He was a talented guy who had a great sense of humor and was always fun to be around.  He will be greatly missed.

Steve Samsel, May 2004


THe Gas Company in 1965 - Photo Courtesy of Michael Jay Clothier
The Gas Company - 1965

This band was together for several months.  The above photo is from The Boiler Room in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1965.  During this gig, Doug Fish, left and was replaced by Tony Winslow.

A short time later, Jim Kenfield replace Bob Rieber.  We then added a fifth member, Barry Curtis, formerly of the Kingsmen.  In 1968, Mike Clothier left and was replaced by Steve Friedson, that's when they changed the name to "The Northwest Rock and Roll Band"

Mike (Michael Jay) Clothier, January 2007

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Last Update:  13 June 2011
Credits:  Larry Baker, John Kandarian, Don Rogers, Steve Samsel, Michael Jay Clothier
Band # 0100