Mercenary - Photo Courtesy of Bob Swanson
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1982


Wayne Brookes ~ Drums
Jim Durham ~ Guitar
Gary Finn ~ Drums
Dan Grand ~ Guitar
Pat Henry ~ Guitar
Donnarae Johnson ~ Vocals
Scott Palmerton ~ Vocals
Bill Rowley ~ Guitar
Robert Swanson ~ Bass
Gary Williams ~ Drums

Al "The Animal" Gough ~ Lights
Paul Mueller ~ Sound
Dave Smith ~ Sound

In Memory of

Al Gough
Bill Rowley
Pat Henry

Mercenary - Photo Courtesy of Bob Swanson


Mercenary - Photo Courtesy of Bob Swanson
Mercenary - Photo Courtesy of Bob Swanson
Mercenary - Photo Courtesy of Bob Swanson
Mercenary - 1979
Mercenary was essentially an AC/DC tribute band before there was such thing.  We were playing the larger rooms of the day in town and on the road and enjoying a good deal of success with this format.

We played clubs such as The AdLib, The PoopDeck, Baldy's, Bronco Billy's, Astaire's, Coconut Grove, Mr.Bills and many others I can't remember, as wells as
extended tours in Texas.

Scott Palmerton went on to Q5 with Floyd Rose and Nightsgade with Rick Pierce from TKO.

I played bass for every incarnation of the band and was there from start to finish.  I went on to the Mark Shaffer Band for a couple of years where I hooked up with Ed Young of Fragile Lime, Blue Mountain Eagle and Penrose fame..  I switched to Guitar to form Psychotherapy and Pug with Eddy during the 90's.

I am currently doing the original grind locally with Custom

Bob Swanson, April 2005

Way back in 1980-1981, Mercenary came to our high school (West Seattle High School) to play at a dance in the school's cafeteria (believe it!).  Needless to say, that didn't go over so well for the students that attended who were anticipating some dance music.  Being a Metal-Head, I thought it was great and rocked-out in front of the band (on the linoleum tiles)!

After about a half hour of brain-crunching "Rock", the "preppies" at school shut down the "unintentional concert".  But, before the guys in Mercenary departed, they passed out a few tickets to their upcoming show at the Paramount Theatre.  Needless to say, my rocker friends and I were very appreciative and looked forward to seeing them again (and in a proper venue!).

The show at the Paramount was tremendous, and included Mercenary, Oz, and one other band.  (I wish I could recall the name of the third band!). From that show onward, I have enjoyed over 120 shows in my 49 years!!

Dan Foss, January 2013

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Pyramid, Jump Street, Alibi, Centerfold, Metro, Shyanne, Ninja, Artisan, St. Jayne, Chain Reaction, Pop Culture, Silverlode, Kiss Porky, Sundae FunniesBlue Sky, Rail Sorcerer's Apprentice, Psychotherapy and Pug, Custom and other NW bands.

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Last Update:  20 January 2013
Credits:  Donnarae Johnson, Bob Swanson, Lee Gregory, Dan Foss
Band # 1558