Dennis Caldirola, Steve "Bumper" Morgan, Chris Bock, Wayne Rutledge (Photo by Salius Pempe)
Seattle, Washington
(June 30 - September 29)


Bob Andersen ~ Drums
Chris Bock ~ Guitar
Dennis Caldirola ~ Keyboards
Steve "Bumper" Morgan ~ Bass
Chris Orr ~ Lead Vocals
Wayne Rutledge ~ Drums
Bruce Wold ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Steve "Bumper" Morgan

Bob Anderson, Steve "Bumper" Morgan, Chris Bock, Chris Orr, Bruce Wold
Photo by Salius Pempe

PROOF was a concept band molded by Terry Schmidt of Sunset Artists; take four or five young guys playing danceable Top-40 material and market them around the NW to smaller lounges catering to a 20-something audience. During their brief existence, PROOF had two incarnations, the first in early 1973, eventually evolved into "Charlie's Fantasy" with the addition of Charlie Cole and Rusty Williams. The second played to good crowds at the Nor'Wester Club on Whidbey Island, Clancy's Pub in Kirkland and The Spar in Aberdeen after which they broke up after Bumper left to join Oasis.

Dennis Caldirola, December 2012

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Last Update:  28 January 2013
Credits:  Dennis Caldirola, Bob Andersen, Salius Pempe
Band # 3050