Photo Courtesy of Bob Wikstrom
The Big Dog Revue
Seattle, Washington
1995 - Present


Glen Decker ~ Bass, Vocals
Paul Fessenden ~ Tenor & Alto Saxophone
Frank Heye ~ Drums
Steve Mraz ~ Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Marc Lagen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gene Laukkonen ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Bob Wikstrom ~ Hammond B3, Keyboards, Vocals


Bud Jackson ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Irv Kellenberger ~ Saxophone, Vocals

Big Dog Revue - Image courtesy of Bob Wikstrom

A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle. I went to see 'The Big Dog Revue' at a night club in Lynnwood. Now there's a classic NW band of the first water. Those guys wore band uniforms and did the steps, just like the old days. And they use a real Hammond B3. No Yamaha toys for those guys! They've got the right stuff!

Chuck Burbank, October 2006

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Big Dog Revue - Photo Shamelessly swiped from the Big Dog Revue Website

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Last Update:  22 September 2014
Credits: Candy Lentz, Big Dog Revue Website, Chuck Burbank, Bob Wikstrom, Gene Laukkonen
Band # 1234