The Deacons
Seattle ~ Tacoma, Washington
1966 ~ 1967
And occasionally back together


Mike Boyd ~ Bass
Duke Luther ~ Guitar
John Radke ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
John Sandvig ~ Vocals
Jim Sola ~ Drums
Bob Toole ~ Bass

"The Deacons, one of the most versatile groups on the West Coast, hail from the Seattle-Tacoma area.  They are smashing attendance records wherever they appear.  Reading from left to right they are:  Jim Sola, John Sandvig, Mike Boyd, Duke Luther and John Radke.  For more information and bookings, Tacoma - Tony Aprea, Mgr., Seattle - John Sandvig, Leader" From a Garrett Enterprises advertisement.
I had the pleasure last night of playing music with the original 5 members of The Deacons!

Dr. Mike Boyd called me last week saying they were all getting together for a 35 year reunion celebration, and (don't ask me why) wanted me to pound some keys with them!

John Radke flew out from Milwaukee for it, and Jim Sola drove out from Boise. The last time they played together was 15 years ago at their 20 year reunion.

Those boys really accomplished things with their lives. Dr. Mike heads up his own family practice clinic in Olympia. John Sandvig is a radio executive in Seattle. Duke Luther is chief arborist for the city of Seattle.  John Radke owns a company that develops medical/dental equipment.  Jim Sola is the Chief Operating Officer of the VA hospital at Boise.

We had a ball!   I was even given a band uniform... a bright orange T-shirt that says, "BEHOLD THE DEACONS: 35th reunion; November 1st, 2003."

A lot of pictures were taken at the reunion.  I'll see if I can't get you something to add to their page.

Sonny Schaaf, 2 November 2003

The Deacons had a reunion last weekend that featured a keyboardist who helped out, Sonny Schaaf .  We had a great time.  Sonny was very easy to work with and seemed to enjoy himself.  I sure did.  How the hell did we get so old?

Jim Sola, 4 November 2004

On October 4th of this year The Deacons reunited once again at Pacific Lutheran University for “One Last Dance.”  PLU was the starting place for The Deacons in the fall of 1964, fifty years ago.  You can see that they are still kickin!   A great time was had by all!

John C. Radke, November 2014

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Credits:  Jim Sola, Darryl Riffero,  James Bush, Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Sonny Schaaf, Mike Boyd, John Radke
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