The Pepper Porter Band
Seattle, Washington
1970's - 1980's


Dave Horton ~ Guitar
Fred Horton ~ Drums
Ken Huseby ~ Lead Vocals
Nelson McFarlann ~ Drums
John Micera ~ Drums, Vocals
Pepper Porter ~ Lead Guitar
Rob Reuber ~ Guitar
Paul Rieland ~ Lead Vocals
Mark Schaffer ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Steve Teasley ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Pepper Porter
1951 - 2007

Album cover from their first album, "Invasion"

Pepper Porter, was a lead guitarist with and explosive, emotionally inspired, hard driving sound.  The band was a hard rock band.  They played around the Seattle area in the mid 1970's, and in Alaska.

The Pepper Porter Band released two albums.  The first album, titled "Invasion", was released on First American Records in 1980.

The second album was released in 2006 on PTM Productions.  It's available at CD Baby.  It's titled, "Cynical World".

Steve Teasley, October 2008

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Credits: Steve Teasley
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