Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Courtesy of Randy Solvang
Gold Creek Park
Woodinville, Washington

Some of the bands performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:
Albert Collins
Alice Cooper
The Allman Bros
Black Snake
Blue Light
Blue Max
Bo Diddley
Bruce and Eli
The Byrds
Canterbury Tales
Cat Skinner
Charles Musslewhite
Chuck Berry
Chicago Transit Authority
City Zu
Clockwork Orange
The Continentals
Crome Syrcus
Daily Flash
Delany and Bonnie
The Doors
The Dynamics
Emergency Exit
The Epics
Family Tree
Floating Bridge
The Flock
Flying Burrito Brothers
Golden Earring
Good Blessing
Don and the Goodtimes
Guess Who
Hocus Pocus
International Brick
It's A Beautiful Day
Kidd Afrika
Led Zeppelin
Little Big Horn
Charles Lloyd
Lonnie Mack
Lee Michaels
Magic Fern
Mama's New Washingtons
Melton Levy and the Dey Bros.
Lee Michaels
Ted Nugent

Painted Ship
PH Phactor
Pied Pipers
Renaissance Fair
Rockin Fu
Murray Roman
The Section
Tim Buckley
The Sonics
Springfield Rifle
Ten Years After
Tim Buckley
Ike & Tina Turner

Vanilla Fudge
Volumn V
Wayne Marshall Band
Cherry Berry and the Winemakers
The Youngbloods

Others ??

Courtesy of Randy Solvang

Poster Courtesy of Richard Evans

Poster Courtesy of Donny Marrow
When Kidd Afrika rolled into Seattle in the summer of 1971, Gold Creek Park, (the “Dome”), in Woodinville, was notorious for its version of Woodstock, with the first major Rock Festival in the Northwest.

Kidd Afrika became the house band, opening for many of the name acts that rolled through, including Elvin Bishop, Barry Melton, Harvey Mandel and Buckwheat, (remember them? . . . not many do).  Gold Creek housed the band on the property, at one point putting us in the “Old Western Fort”.  Part of our income included “canned food” brought by patrons of the shows, (see flyer).  Tuna sandwiches for all!!   When a big rain storm hit the area, it washed tons of trout into the man-made pond, so we would regularly catch our breakfast.  One morning, Barry Melton comes to town and immediately makes his way to the fishing poles.  They didn’t call him “The Fish” for nothin’.

Donny Marrow, April 2013

Cold Creek was our first job ever and we had to do our own advertising.  Basically we had to bag the owner to let us play there.  The offer was 50% of the door.  I think we maybe made 50 bucks if we were lucky, but it was a great experience.  It gave us a start!!!

John Gordon, December 2006

Image courtesy of Richard Evans
Mike, Bill, Richard, Steve & Fred
Good Blessing at Gold Creek Park - 1972

Heart at Gold Creek - Image Courtesy of Richard Evans

Image Courtesy of Richard Evans

Courtesy of Randy Solvang
Courtesy of Randy Solvang

Poster Courtesy of Richard Evans
Poster Courtesy of Richard Evans

'64 at Gold Creek Park  - Courtesy of Paul Halvorson via Steve Thurgood

Image Courtesy of Jack Weston

This scan of an original Allman Bros Band poster from the Gold Creek venue sold at auction in late 2013 for around $3,400.00!

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Credits: Randy Solvang, Richard Evans, John Gordon, Don Edge, Fred Raxter, Richard Evans, Steve Thurgood, Paul Halvorson, Donny Marrow, Jack Weston, Myrl W. Siereveld, Evin