In Memory of
Musicians of the Great Pacific Northwest

They departed this world but not our hearts


Paul Abbot - 1066
Dave Adams - The Outer Edge
Bob Adler - Los Lonely Shots, Slow Buck, Turkey Run
Agosto -
Days End
Mike Aleksich ~ Ronnie Lee Group, Leggs, Love Jokers
Allen Anderson - Cold Wind
Ben Alvers - Argus, RatzTuner
Gary Anaka ~ BeanBarry Delights

Joe Anderson -
Jammin' Joe and the Traders
Fritz Anderson - LSD & The Addicts,The Lost Children
John Anderson - The Skiffle Group,
G Morgan S and The Jets

Steve Andreas - Agent, Airborne, Rare Breed, Tyrro
Jim Anglesey - The Showmen
John Arant -  Dick Cates & The Chessmen, The Squires
Willie Arkell - Lowdown
Larry Armstrong - The Flames
Bill Artman - The Continentals, Mark V, The In Crowd
Eddie Apostol - The Pulsating Heartbeats aka: The Heartbeats, the Heartbeet Band
Ray Arnett - The Binge Bros., Binj
Bill Arnold - The Vikings, The Roamers
Wayne Arnold - The Imperials
Guy Arsenault - Rock Bottom Blues Band
Glen Ashby - Mineral Water
Dave Aston - Coachmen
Tony Athearn - The Dwellers, The Valients
Ron Attfield - The Pharaohs
Bill Avery - Charlie and The Tunas, These Times
Robert Ayers - The Fabulous Winds


Frank Babakaiff - The Questions, The Flashbacks
Terry Bailey - The Intruders, The Regents, The Galaxies, Christian, Rico Martino & Co., Rock-Ola, LocoMax, Panama Orange Tree, Jack Sanders Band, The Talismen, and Missouri Freeze.
Mike Bailey - Blind Date

Tom Baird - The Classics

"Long" John Baldry

Mike Barbee - Bean Barry Delights
Don Barber - A Band of Angels
Lloyd Barnhurst - Little John & The Monks
David A. Baroh ~ Bluebird,Chicago Express, The Punch, The Tyhmes, Unicycle, Starfire, The Backbeats, The Bassics
Bill "Dub" Barnett  - Northwest Harness Company
Sam Barron - The Drive, Headliner

Kearney Barton - Kearney Barton Records

Brad Bateman - Stretch Wabash Band
Al Batt - Rhythm Rockets
Chewy Batterman - The Accused
Roland Bautista ~ Earth Wind and Fire, Velvet Illusions
Dick Bayne -  Dick Bayne's Music Makers

Jeffrey Beals - The Imperials, Jr. Cadillac , City Limits, Bean-Barry Delights, Rocky & His Friends, The Kingsmen, The Bag, Don Bean ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Larry Beaudreau - Crystal Lion

Merle Bebe - Upcountry Band, Marshall Band

Gary Beck - Seventh Resemblance Blues Band, The Stumble

Ron Beck - Arbuckle Tutti and Friends, Night Flight (OR)

Rick Beckman - Thee Assissins
Jack Bedient - Jack Bedient and the Chessmen
Jeff Belcher - The Remnants
Dan Bell - These Times, Moat Road, Orius, Union Jack
Stan Bell - Home Cooking
Stuart Bengeult - Crown
Doug Bennett - Doug and the Slugs
Earl Benson - Sleezy Pieces, Sterling Stem & The Bum Counts, Hoopla, Bucky & Earl
Rick Best - Cheeseburger DeLux,Thunder Road, Big Daddy and the Crusers
Gerry Berg - Roger Jerome and the Casuals, Yeoman, RushHour, Young and The Restless, Solid Citizens
John Berglund - American Wall, Science Fiction, City Light, Northwest Distributors, Head Shop
Jim Bergman - Smokehouse
Ian Berry - Sweet Beaver, 6 Cylinder, New Breed, Cement City Cowboys, Wildroot Orchestra
Tom Bertoldi ~ The Impacts, The Gentrys
Joel Bert - Brain Damage, Ridgerunner
Rick Best - Big Daddy and the Cruzers, Cheeseburger DeLux, Wizzard, Daniel, Thunder Road
Barry Biddlecombe - The Incentives
Jim Biedert - Totem, Ezekiel
Charlie Bieker - Easy Chair, Struggle, Blind Willie, Red Thelin's
Country Starlighters, Boks Ophis
Bartholomew "Bart" Bishop - Earth, Providence
Dan Bissonette - Dan Bissonette Band, Hank Snow, Hobo Hank and The Sons of the Delta
Jim Bjornstad - Tony Vance & The 2 Pound Matchbox
Mike Bird - Watt 4
Jho Blenis - Coin Operated, Happy Daze, Muf, Wild Vibrations, Great Northern, Foghorn Leghorn, Bluport News, Jumbo Groove, Little Bill & The Bluenotes, Bump Kitchen, Big Nasty, These People
Tom Blessing - Tom Thumb & The Casuals, The Notions, The Newports
Jim "J.D." Boggs - Crome Syrcus, Tennis Shoe Review, Alan, A Tribute to Elvis, Rock-Ola, Cool Tones, The Great Pretenders, Wakefield Manor, Buffalo Clancy, Mystics
Bob Bogle ~ The Ventures
David Bohall - Vampires, Bearded Clam
Pete Borg - The Dynamics
Tony Bortko - Numatics, X-Static, Mojo Hand, TKO, The Life, Variant Cause
Bill Bolick - Paleface, Progress Hornsby, The Gynch, Natural Groove
Richard Bolin ~ Lion
Roy Bosdet - Pepermint Cyrcle, The Furys (BC)
Tim Bosworth - Hitchhikers, Statesmen (ID)
Bruce Boyd - Northwest Harness Company
Gene Boyd - The Rumblers
Darrell Boyles, The Stilettos, Nightwalkers
Jim Brady - The Sonics, The Panics, Mercy Boys, The Pantics, The Jim Brady Band, Play it Again S.A.M.
Jack Bradley - A Boy and His Dog
Kurt Brame - Ice, Muf, Prophets, Blueport News, Big Nasty
Terry Branham - Pink Torpedos
Bob Brannon - Fragile Lime
Dana Brayton - Sanctuary
Bob Breault - Missouri Freeze, Tim Hall Band, Johnny & The Marks
Dan Bresmeister - Lion
Steve Brett - The Valients
Danny Brewer - Wakefield Manor
Larry Briggs - Ferraris, MOXIE, The Untouchables
Ron Brightman - Applejack, The Morning After
Ed Brockavich - Changing Times, Great Ape
Ron Brockmann - Bazarak, Roundhouse
Gene Brockmoller - Invaders (Castle Rock)
Terry Broste - Canadian Downbeats
Billy Brown - Piltdown Men
Don Brown - Don Brown and The Premiers
Malcom Brown - The Skiffle Group
Mitch Brown - Glory Boys
Patrick Brown - Outta Hand Jive Band
Kibby Brownlow (Goode) - Sweetness n Light, Bodrockers, Genesis
Bill Browning - Ninja, Eddie Gilland & The Cool, Willie Devonne & Sunrise, Kidz
Clair Bruce - Fatt Twice Together, Paul DeLay Band, The Barons, Doubletongue
Norm Bryant - Stratocruisers,The Machine, Steve Carlson & The Rumour
Gary Buchanan - The Titans
Paul Buck - Statesmen, Sneaky Sam's Lamb, Ze, Mandarin Extract, Dave-S Quintet, Chaotics, Moss Brothers, Elijah
Rick Bullard - The Feelies, Cherry Fizz

Richard Burdell ~ Cruise Control, Silent Treatment, Overtime
Frank Burghoffer - Charlie and the Seniors
Nick Burris - The Titans, The Wander'ers
Dan Burrows - Everyday People, Northwest Harness Company, Axis Drive, Ray
Rick Burton - The Elegants, Jerry Miller Band, Lazy Jack, Dai Bando 
Harry Busby - Creek Big Band, Bayou Jazz Band
Brown Trio, Sky High
Joe Buxton - Screamer, Bowser Moon
Allen "Ron" Buzzell - The Weeds, The Lollipop Shoppe


Bill Cady - The Bishops
Remy Caffery ~ Rocky Snow
Mike Cahill ~ The Apple Corps
Dave Calkins ~ Thee Aladdins
Darrell Callihan ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra
Kenn Camp - Centrix, Electric Train
Ken "Bo" Campbell - Boulder Creek Band
Robb Campbell - The Mystics
Joe Cannon ~ Municipal Sound Company, St. James Infermary
Emi Canyn (
Emi Jo Schmidt "Emi Canyn Mars") ~ Canon
John Carter - United Travel Service, Cobras, The Valiants, Redondas

Lyle Carter - Creek Big Band, The Royal Clefs, Bayou Jazz Band
Jim Casey - Anthem, Changing Times, Nisqually, Great Ape, Elijah
Alden B. Cate - The Furys 
Dick Cates - Dick Cates and the Chessmen
George Chapelas - Trials of Jayson Hoover, Pirannah Brothers, Night Train Revue, Shakedown, The Shockers, Black Snake Blues Band
Dan Chapman - The Princetons
Del Chapman - The Fabulous Chancellors, The Mystics
Sam Chapman -  Big Daddy & The Cruisers, Sam Chapman Group, Wizzard, Fantastic Orange, The Tyrants, Nutcracker Brigade, Pendulum, Hot Rush, Park Ranger & The Bears, Cadillac Brothers Band, The Unexpected
Steve Christianson - The Turncoats, The Northwest Harness Company, Sky High
Kevin Chalk Christopher - Houseblend, New Deal Rhythm Band
Dennis Chitwood - US Kids
Dennis Chu - The Phantoms
Gary Church - The Trolly, Blue Mountain Eagle, Peppermint Trolly, The Lost Generation,Three For You
Elkrid Cinar - Exl's
Dave "Whitey" Clark - Alvin Jones and The Four Beats
Doug Clark - Just What the Doctor Ordered
Vince Clark - Immanual Kant, Albatross (BC), Restricted Thought
Eddy Clapp - Silverfall
Brian Clarke - Secrets, Mark Glenn & the Young Sisters, Clarke, Smith & Jones, The Solid Gold Show
Dennis Clement - Danny & the Seniors, The Rare Blend
Brian Cleveland ~ Gryffin Band
Brian Clifford - The Outcomes
Russell Clousto (Oryan Skye) ~ Motherhood
Terry Coan ~ The Mysterians, Viscounts
Fred Cole ~ The Weeds, Lollipop Shoppe, Zipper, King Bee
Tim Cole - Le Max

Dave Conant - Annie Rose & The Thrillers, Country Express,The Doily Bros
John Conant - The Chambermen
Don Consola - The Red Carpet/Break Thru
Bob Cook - Licorice
Duane Cooper - Bean Barry Delights
Loren (Larry) Cooper - Larry & The Troubadours, The KOL Radio Band
Tony Cooper - REDAX, Tiny Volcano
Larry James Corcoran - Cannon Ball, Johnny Saturn and the Electrics, Sons of Saturn, Zachariah, and Burson Enterprise
Rico Corpuz - Spice, Henchmen, Scot Free, Dushans, State Fair
Dave Cort - The Jagged Edge, Traxx
Jim Covell - The Roamers
Cordel Covert - The Bards
Billy Cowsill - Blue Northern
Chuck Cox - The Regents
Mike Cox - Sweetness & Light, Epicentre, Bulldog, Merrilee & The Turnabouts, Fragile Lime, City Zu, The Mike Cox Band, The Bulldogs, Billy Mac & the Knifes, The Vandals, The Pendletons, The Living End, Barney Armstrong's Machine,The Edge
Vic Coy - Weston Davis Group, Rain, Good Morning
Keith Craine - Rimfire
Gary Cramer - Brain Damage, Ridge Runner
Roger Crandall ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Terry Cromie - The Vancouver Playboys
Toby Croone ~ WDBS, Onyx
Jon R. Croteau ~ Happy Daze Band, Johnny & The Marks
Richard Crowley ~ Fabulous Chancellors
Chuck Curry ~ The Mystics, The Nomads


Glen Dahl - The Checkers, The Rumblers
Mike Dahl - Newton Snookers and the Tooth Rangers, The Toffs, Capt Flyswat and The Cats Pajama Band, 7th & Pacific
Dan Daily - Grants Blueboys, Reunion
Ernie Dahlgren ~ Balloon Farm
Marty Damitio - Western Union
Cliff Damschen - Siddhartha
Rich Dangel - Wailers, Alive and Well, Floating Bridge, Proof of Purchase, Reality, The Reputations, Butterbean, Smoke, New Blues Brothers Revue, PNW All-Stars, Old Farts Band, Sledgehammer, Time Machine, The Rooks, The Rich Dangel Big Band, Rich Dangel Quartet, Freddy Pink, Good Stuff
Gregg Danton - The Need, Head First, Frank Carroll & Hit Squad
Brad Darley - Crystal Tricycle
Brian Davidson - Wolf Tucker
Jim Davidson - 2 by 2
Earl Davies - The Viscounts, The Mysterians
Ted De Groot - The Dark Ages
Donnie Dean - Donnie Dean & The D Notes
Danny DeHart - Cold Duck
Jini Dellaccio, Photographer  ((Jan 1917 - July 2014)
Paul DeLay - Brown Sugar, The Paul DeLay Band
Steve DeMaris - Tommie & The Turn-Ons
Art Demeuelles - Exl's, Rukus
Charlie Demeuelles - Exl's
Dennis (Denny) DePretto - City Zu, Action Co., The 1-2-3 FOUR Band, The Crystals
Harry DePriest ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Rick Dey - Wilde Knights, The Furys
Gerald Diaz - The Flames
Fred Diers - Daystar, The Flashbacks
Suzanne Dietz - Quiver
Wayne Diggins - WIRED-Blues Brothers Review
Lee Ditmer - Midnight Sons / The Jackasses
George Door - Many Sounds of Nine
Steve Dorsett - The Pied Pipers
Sam Dossett - Many Sounds of Nine
Mark Doubleday - The Dynamics, Blueport News
Ed Dougherty - EJD Enterprises
John Douglas - The Works
Rich Douglas - HUGG
Ron Dowdy - Coltrain
Gary Draper ~ Black Zephyr Band
Rusty Draper ~ (1923-2003)
Mike Drinkwater - The Checkers (Oregon)
Larry Duff - Impacts (WA)
Jim Dunlap - The Redcoats, Gentleman Jim and the Horsemen, Mr Lucky and the Gamblers, River, Jim Dunlap and the Windbreakers, Wrinkle, Sound Vendor
Dale Dunsmoor - Kracker
Terry Duoos - Whizkey-Stik - Spindri - Unted Flight
Brent Durbin ~ The Patriots
Larry Duff ~ Springfield Rifle
Norman Durkee -  BTO, King Biscuit Entertainers
Robert Mitchell Dye - Bob Dye's Armory


Dwight Eckert ~ The Stretch Wabash Band
Nokie Edwards ~ The Ventures
Steven Ekman - The New Tweedy Brothers, Tank & The Septics,Steve & Gary

Steve Eliason ~ The Beard
Bob Eller ~ The Bean-Barry Delights

Mike Eller ~ The Bean-Barry Delights
Willie Elliott ~ Myst, Lost Dimension
Jack Ely ~  The Kingsmen, Jack Ely & The Courtmen, Portland Zoo Electric Band, Don & The Goodtimes, The Enchanters
Dicky Enfield - Little Bill and The Bluenotes, CottonMouth, Dave Lewis, Natural Groove
Eric Erickson - The Frazz, Fishsticks, The Squirrels
Jerry Erickson - Diamond Rio - Crystal Lion
Joe Erickson - Push
Gene Erickson -  The Vikings, The Revnuers
Ron Ervine - Prodical Son
Pat Estigoy - The Twilighters
Larry Evans - Tom Thumb & The Casuals, Valiants
Steve Evans - The Fugitives, Action Unlimited Show Band
Bill Everett - The Flourescents


Bruce Fairbairn -  The Spectres, Prism, Sunshyne
Bobby Faulds -  The Twisters, Wayward Trio, Canadian Strangers, Bobby Faulds & The Strangers
Charles Faulkner - Wildroot Orchestra, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck
Geno Faust - disraeli
Lonnie Feiner - High Mountain Ramblers
John Felton - The Diamonds
Frank Ferguson - Atlantic Steamer
Robert Ferraro - The Nobs
John Fischer - Clearview, The Fantastic Orange, Pendulum
Ian Fisher - The Cowboys
Sid Fisher - Struggle, Fusion, Weston Davis Group, The Scandals, Rain, Porky Pig Show,, House of Commons, Good Morning
Marguerite Flemmer - Wakefield Manor
John Flores - Suburbia
Charlie Force - Charlie and the Seniors
Dean Forchet - Special Delivery
Al Forsythe - Albatross, Flashpan
Greg Fortner - The Alters
Buck Foster - Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Ron Fox - The Shaynes, Grassy Butte
Wayne Freeman - The Rockers, Mark 5
LeRoy Frengle - Tank and the Septics
Ed Friel - Space, The Chaotics, Gabriel
John Friend - Burgundy Express
Less Frye  - Larry & The Troubadours, The KOL Radio Band
Doug Fulcher - Blues Alliance, Rocky Snow
Steiner Fugelstad - The Lost Children
Don Fulton - Frantics


Larry Gaeron - Blizzard
Dennis Gaffaney - The Mystics
Doc Gage - Hobo Hank and The Sons of the Delta
Robert Gale - Acapulco Gold
Bob Gallaway - The Bards, Moses Lake, Road-Runners
Ken Galloway - The Squires
Brad Gardner - Sidhartha
Ron Gardner ~ Sneaky Sam's Lamb, Anthem, Jumbo Groove, Elijah

Bob Garnett - The GreyNotes
Jerry Garrison ~ The Betas
Bill Gartner - The New Dawn
Ben George - Benny and the BKs
Bobby George - Leader Sound
Marty Gemmer - The Organization
Ted Gergely - Route 66
Mark Gevias - Gold Road Band, The Automatics
Debbie Gilbert - Coupe de Ville
Steve Gilbert - Little Oly & The Fifths, The Yrge
Roger Jerome Gillespie - Roger Jerome and the Casuals, The Yeoman, Gibson Brothers, Jamie Roberts & The Rest, Dan Shane and The Compatibles
Warren Gill - Spectres, Mantra, Wager
Glen Gish - Kenrish Steel & The Shantelles
Ron Gillette - Prophets

Grant Gittins - Ninja
Norman B. Glass - The Villians, Kentish Steele & The Shantelles, The Tornadoes, The In Crowd
Jim "Speedy" Gonzales - Louie & The Rockets, Glorybound, The Fabulous Bel-Airs, Tennis Shoe Review
Pat Goodbia - Canterburys, Crystal Lion, Project
Kibby Goode (Brownlow) - Sweetness n Light, Bodrockers
John Goss - Hotel Texas
Alan Gough - Mercenary, Redax
Mark Gowan - Charlie Gearheart Band
Ron Graeber - Cold Wind
Bud Grafious - The Rockers
Bill 'Little Billy Blue' Graham - Blueport News, Coin Operated, Road Apple
Lee Graham - Crome Syrcus
Ted Grant - Cold Thunder Bluegrass Band
Marty Gray - Thunder Road, The Good Ole Boys, Bobby Lee & The Edsels
Michael KinderSteve Grebe - Sweet Rolle
John Gredvig - Action Company
James Greek ~ Steakface, Aunt Martha's Basement Band, Willie Devonne and Sunrise
John Greek ~ The Wailers
Dale Green - The Noblemen (Tacoma)
Ernie Green - Olympus, Jade, Spectrum
Bob Greene - The Che-Vels
George Greenwell - Young & The Restless, The Seeds of Time, The Coastmen, Wicked Orange, Penny Whistle, Curtis Cowan & The Rockers
Jim Greenwood - Lowdown
Pat Griffiths - The Pacers
Walter Groebler - Titanic
Evan Groom - Solid Fuels,Blueport News, Dakota, Shock Headed Peter
Joey Gurr - Boss Tweed, Kid Chrysler and the Cruisers, A Purple
James Gruspe - Acapulco Gold
Dick Gunnell - Chance Eden and The Moonlight Marauders
Terry Gunter - The Talismen, Hometown Blues Band
Duane Gusse - The Versatiles, The Eclipses, The Gems, The Le Sabres, The Dukes of Juke
Eddie Gust - Devilles
Ray Guyll - The Cherchers, Mad Men of Note


Gary Hadachek - Bobby and The Inkeepers, Happy Daze
Jeff Hagen - The Eccentrics
Britt Hagerty - Go Cat Go, Little Red Rooster
Bill Hahn - The Adventurers
Rick Hall - Ascots, Wildwood Flower
Scotty Hall - Idle Eyes, The Headpins
Peter Hamelin - Cement City Cowboys
Claude Hammond - Little Bill & The Bluenotes,Dave Lewis, Paleface, Bittersweet, Natural Groove, Tony & The Time Bandits
Jack Hansen - Fat Jack
Kurt David Hansen - Lion
Leonard "Skip" Hanson -  The Viscounts, Devilles
Vic  Hastings - Corvelles
Willie Harasymo - Devilles, Orbits

John Hardy -  The Klanzmen
David Harding - The Barber Green
Dr. Vernon J. Harkness - The Tempos
John Harmon - The Critiques
David Xavier Harrigan - The Tupperwares, Screamers
Tom Harris - Laden Argus, Backroads
Bill Harrison - Pied Pipers
Bob Hart - Gentlemen Wild, The NIght Raiders, Soma
Lance Hartley - The MYND
Dave Havens ~ The Checkers (Oak Harbor)
Dick Harvey - Upcountry Band, Grassy Butte
Michael KinderJeff Harvold - Pietertje Prospect
Bill Hayes - Butterfat
Leif Eddy Haynes - Seattle Star, 3-D, X-Static, Numatics, Money, Grand Slam, Henry Boy,The Stratocruisers, Breakwater,Babes in Boyland, Glass Onion
Bob Haywood - The Incentives
Phil Haxton - Duffy Bishop Band, Johnny & The Distractions, The Margo Tufo Band, Benny Wilson, Terry Evans, Robbie Laws, The Shakers with Robin O, The Lucky Dawgs, Renato Caranto, Lily Wilde, The Flying Stickleys and Monkey Dog
Steve Heard - The Bandits
Clyde Heaton - The Dimensions, Calliope

Fred Heiny - Rosewood & Steele, Good Blessing
Dan Heggem - Pastor Flash
Dean Helgeson - The Cowboys, The Telepaths
John Hemphill - Cold Daze
John Hendricks - PH Phactor Jug Band
Jimi Hendrix
Dale Henke - Siddhartha
Al Henningson - WIRED-Blues Brothers Review
Kent Henry - Paul deLay Band
Pat Henry - Mercenary, Soldier, Loco Bros.
Eddie Heuman - The Chancellors
Bruce Hewes - Money, The Rangehoods,Reaper
Mark Hibbert - Axis Drive, Merrilee & The Turnabouts, Superband, Fat Chance, Hiatt & Hibbert
Steve Hickman - Applejack, The Rattlers
Bill Higginbotham - Tikis & The Fabulons
Dudley Hill - Bluefield Doughboys, Blueport News, Jumbo Groove, Pearl Django, Skyboys, Prince Paul and the Serfs
Jerry Hiner - The Crabtres
Dick Hines - Airborne, Siddhartha
Don Hines - The Chambermen
Denny Hipp - Rhythm Rockets
Dean Hobson - The Playmates
Jamie Hoefer - The Gryffyn Band
Lee Holcomb ~ Chance Eden & The Moonlight Marauders
Jimmy Hopper - Fragile Lime
Ron Holden - The Playboys
Mark S. Holder - Rage
Susan Holivas - The Coachmen
Danny Holiday - Disk Jockey for KJR AM, KOL AM, KYYX FM, and KZOK FM
John Holte - New Deal Rhythm Band, Maia Santell & Houseblend
Dave Holter - The Longhorns
Joey Honrado - Mystery Vic Coy - Weston Davis Group, Rain, Good Morning
Ryon Hood - Gentlemen Wilde
Don Hope ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra
Bob Hosko -  The Frantics, Jr. Cadillac, Bruce Robertson and the Reverbs
Brian Howie - The Saints - The Action - The Typical Small Town Band - The Small Town Band - The Howie Brothers
Gene Hubbard - Ice, Surprise Package, American Eagle, The Prophets, Barney Armstrong Revue, The Group
Paulette Hughes - PH Factor
Gary Humphreys - A Boy and His Dog
Eric "Rockin Rick" Hurskainen
Larry Hutson - The Impacts (WA)
Mark Hutton - SLATZ
Billy Hults - Fly-By-Night Jass Band
Brad Hymas - Jaugernaut


Hans IpsenMichael Kinder - Mountainheath, Little Bill & The Bluenotes, Fat Cat, Slick & Wicked
Terry Iverson - Mantra, The Sonics, Sterling
Randy Ivie - Malta


Rick Jackson - Me and The Boys, The Rockafellers
Bruce Jacobson - Ira Joe Fisher, General Delivery, Rodann  Gary Janssen - Ingredients Unknown
Roger Jefferies - Jerry & the Jerrimen
Edd Jeffords - Elijah

Robert Jenkins - CottonMouth

Jay Johansen - Little Bill & The Bluenotes
Joe Johansen - Frantics, Little Bill & The Bluenotes, Blueport News, Adventurers, The Checkers, Floating Bridge, Dave Lewis, City Zu
Dave Johnson - The Bishops

Donnarae Johnson - Pop Culture, Shyanne, Metro, Centerfold, ArtisanAlibi, Ninja, Mercenary, Jumpstreet, Pyramid, St. Jayne

Doug Johnson ~ Steakface
Freda "Ravenna" Johnson - Magnetics
Grant Johnson ~ Grant and The Blueboys
Helge Johnson ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Howie Johnson - Ventures, Red Thelin's Country Starlighters
Joe Johnson - Floating Bridge, Blind Willie, Easy Chair, Unknown Factor
Kris Johnson ~ The Fabulous Belairs, Albatross, Alan - A Tribute to Elvis, Bedrock, Legends, Tri-Power & The Headers, Bedrock, Puget Sound
Paula Tutmarc/Johnson - Alexys, Peece

Steve Johnson - The Quirks, English Music Company
Doug Johnston - Anthem, Grizzly, Double Image, City Zu, Desolutes, Shaker
Bob "BJ" Jones - Blue Mountain Eagle
Davy Jones - Little John & The Monks
Derniece "Melody" Jones
Gerard Jones ~ Burgundy Express
Jeff Jones - Breakwater, Glass Onion
Michael Jones - Black & White Affair, Jonah's Whale

Perry Jones - Happy Daze

Tyrone H. Jones ~ Jonahs Whale, Vizzion

Robbie Jordan - Freddy Pink, Little Bill & The Bluenotes

The Reputations, Diamonds Vocal Band, Maia Santell & Houseblend
Ronnie Jordan - Vancouver Playboys
Dick Jorgenson - The Cut-Ups, Tony and The Time Bandits, Butch Paulson & The Rovin Gamblers
William Jung - Crystal Tricycle, High in The Saddle
Bobby Justen - The New Dawn


Wes Kane - Nightwatch Revue, Riot Squad, Sticks and Stones
Delmar Kary - The Flames
Tommy Katica - Jr. Cadillac
Mac Keith - The Pied Pipers
Dan Kelly - The Elegants
John Kennedy - Newports, Brave New World, Mr. Clean & The Cleansers
Joseph Kern - Clear Avenue Band, The Renee' Pettigrew Trio
Mike Kersey - The Pharoahs
Don Keamo - The Electras, The Del Rays
Roy Kessler ~ Shockers, 5 Man Cargo, Penny Whistle
Bob Kidd - Jason Hoover & The Epics, Trials of Jayson Hoover, R&B Delivery
Ron Kiefel - Atlantis, Morning After
Brian Kiesman - Hounds of Baskerville
Terry Kimball  - Tony Vance and the Progress Hornsby 4
Chris Kimble - Greenfield Morning
Michael Kinder ~ Gabriel, Butterbean, Charlie & The Tunas, New Blues Brothers Revue, Too Slim & The Kingsize Troublemakers, Blues Power Revue, Merrilee & The Turnabouts, Merrilee Rush, Big Nasty, Rock n Roll Jones, Bill Pair IV
John King  aka:  Johnny Dumas - Dynamic Duo
Robbie King - Orville Dorp, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers, Chilliwack, Diana Ross and the Surpremes, Tina Turna, Metallica, Cult, Powder Blues Band, The Good Shepherds, Brahman, The Hans Staymer Band, Skylark, The Jim Byrnes Band, The Hometown Band,  Jerry Doucette, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Lowell Fulson, Olivia Newton John, Wolfeman Jack
Dean Kirkpatrick - Crystal Lion
Tommy Kitsalman - Moonlight Marauders
Sueanne Kitts - Rhythm Rockets
Tommy Kizziah - West Coast Ramblers
'Sneaky' Pete Kleinow - SIr Walter Raleigh and the Coupons
Chris Klitgaard - Bluebird
Larry Knechtel - Blue Heron, The Wrecking Crew, Easy Chair, Bread, The Gene Connors Band, Dixie Chicks
Gary Knepper - Bruce Robertson & The Reverbs, The Andantes
Michael Knight - Crystal Lion
Michael Lloyd Knight - Brougham Closet
Keith Knudsvig - The Rotations, Season Street
Bob Koch - The Galaxies, Steve & The Goodtimes, Teaser, Rock Collection, Coin Operated
Rodney Koontz ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra, Dick Bayne's Music Makers
Bob Koski - Warlocks, Notary Sojac
Bill Kowalski - Atlantic Steamer
Bob Krause - Intruders (Yakima), His Majesties Shorts
Phil Kraushaar - Don and Company, Crystal Lion
Greg Kreider - Prophecy, Trigger, Cloud, The Brotherhood Band
Heiti Kubbo - Thee Better Things
Mike Kuether - Bounty Hunter


Jess LaFollette - Stretch Wabash, Meadowlark
Jean "Carter" Laloge - The Shockers, Motherhood
Steve Lalor -
Daily Flash, Bodine, Bruce & Eli, The Popcorn
Larry Lamoureaux - History of Rock and Roll
Conrad Lambkin - Adrian, Existence to Play

Norm Lancaster - Coachmen
Andrew Lang - Bazarak, Marblehead, Floating Bridge
Chris Langland - The Bishops
Norm Langseth - City Zu
Dale Larrison - Velvet Illusions
Alan Larsen - Applejack, Ship of Fools
Kit Larson - West Coast Natural Gas
Harry Lassegard - Searchin' Soul Blues Band, Harold Bradford Trio
Mark Latham - Ruckus
Steve Laughery - Many Sounds of Nine
John Laverock  - The Versatiles
Rodger Law  - Law Brothers
Leo Lawrence - The Rubber Band, The Quirks
Steve Leathart - Shaker, Sluggo, Rocks, Pink Torpedos
Cal Leo - Magpie
Leon ? ~ The Rum Runners
Jim Lodge aka: Jim Leeds - The Novels
Everett Leep - The Rockers
Bob Leland - The Beachcombers
Cal Leo - Magpie, Willow,Holden Caulfield, Phigwart
Lee Lesnick - Impacts (Olympia)
Drake "Levin" Levinshefski - Paul Revere &The Raiders
Blaise LeWark - Canterbury Tales, Evergreen Drifters
Dave Lewis - Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis - Lenore,Pharos
Stan Lewis - Route 66
Bill Leyritz - Emergency Exit - Night Sounds
Ron Liley - Chinook
David Littleraven - Benny & The BKs
Greg Loyd - Softwater
Tim Loder - Coupe de Ville
David Loucks - Racer, Transaction, Owl
Bob Lowe - The Vigilantes
Daniel Lowther - Midnight Sons, Dirty Dan & The Pirates, Jackasses

Dave Ludington - The Beard
Charlie Lynch - Kirk Weston Trio
Jack Lyons - The Rockers
Jeremy Lyons - Crown
Wayne Lysher - The Royals
Greg Lytle - Spectrum


Robert (Bobby) Mabalay - Tamaraw, Force Major
Gary MacArthur - Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
Roger Mack - Intruders, Majestics
Bob Mackey - Mother Hubbard's Wonderland Band, Mother Hubbard's Beefsteak Mine
Ken MacLachlan  -  Hobo Hank and The Sons of the Delta
Brian MacLeod - Chilliwack, Headpins
Denny MacLeod - Floating Bridge
Kerry Magness - Kingsmen, Bodine, Popcorn, The Doors, Rhinoceros
Johnny Mai - Fifth Wall
Bruce Malmberg ~ Cheeseburger DeLux, Thunder Road, Good Ole Boys,Dillinger, Shaker, Bad Bees
Bernie Manion - Soul Searchers, Novas, Shine On
Jimmy Manolides - The Frantics, The Dynamics, James Henry & The Olympics, Dave Lewis Combo, Jr. Cadillac, Sweet Talkin' Jones, The Counts
Rod Mamon - Shea

Bob Marcy - Bighorn
Kevin Bruce Marin - Loose Chippins,The Seekers, The Nightshades, Bluebird, Wind Fair
George Marsh - Sunn and The Shadows
Wayne Marshall - The Basics
Reg Marshall - The Kount IV, Posse
Ric Martino - Market, Ric Martino & Co.
Dewey Martin - Sir Raliegh & The Coupons, Medicine Ball, Sir Raliegh & The Artesians, Buffalo Springfield
Ed Martinez - Pink Torpedos
Mark Marush - The Wailers, Bootmen
Mike Marx - Scavengers
Nick Mastro - Crystal Forest
Ken Matheson - Bowser Moon, Mr. Natural
Peggy Matheson - Mike Beddoes Blues Band, Ginger Box
Harold Mattson ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra
Perl Maurer - Perl Maurer Dance Band, Proprietor of Perls in Bremerton
Skip Mayhew - The Continentals
Craig Mayther - Spindri
John McCandless - The Viscounts, The Versatiles, The Intensions
Terry McCasland - The Night Walkers
Charlie McClone - Sandpoint
William "BoomBoomBilly" McCollum, Coupe De Ville, Sterling Silver Band, Steve and the Goodtimes, Sky River, Rock n Roll Magic
Marty McCune - Gumbo
Kathi McDonald - Accents, Kathi McDonald, The Checkers, The Unusuals, Fat Jack
Larry McDowell - United Flyte, HUGG, Phazer, Breezy
Pat McElgunn - Orbits, Viscounts
Lorne McGee ~ Night Train Revue, Trials of Jayson Hoover
Gordie McGuiness - Orbits
Jerry McGinnis - Tilt, Just Another Band
Richard McIntyre - The Blokes
Joe McKamey ~ The Squire
Don "Skinny"  McLellan - The Tycons
Terry Lee McKinley - The Tikis and the Fabulons
Brian McManis (Vanya Skye) ~ Windjammer, Motherhood
Leon McNeal -  The Newports, The Bodrockers
Billy McPherson - The Regents, Ballin' Jack, Buddy Miles Express, High Voltage, USAF White House Dance Band, Bruce Hampton, League of Decency, Sammy Duncan Jazz Band, Albert Collins, Dukes of Swing, the Elks National Band, The Casuals, Big Bill and the South Tacomans.
Ron McRobbie - The Family Dogs, Danny Triper Band, Hotwire, Dynatones
Jim McWilliams - Young Society
Rich Meader - The Majestics, Rare Blood, The Bare Facts
Jeff Medgard - Superband
Larry Melsten - Scot Free, Jet
Norm "Hank" Merkel - Hobo Hank and The Sons of the Delta
Dan Merrell - Stone Garden
Jerry Merritt - Silhouettes,The Crowns
Dan Michal - Michal Miller Band, New Blues Brothers
Mike Metko - The Checkers, The Rumblers
Alan Meyer - Alan: A Tribute to Elvis
Jim Michaelsen - Little Bill and the Bluenotes,Adventurers, Checkers
Jim Mikota - Jerry and the Jerrimen
Bobbie Millage - Earthquake and The Tremors
Dennis "Klutzo" Miller - Kicking Bear
Don Miller - Northwest Harness Company
Gary Miller - The Mystics
Jerry Miller - Sundae Funnies
John Miller - Brodies
Rich Miller - Shadow, Storm
Scotty Miller - The Gibson Brothers,Roger Jerome & The Casuals, The Stripes
Tom Miller - Echoes, Sand, Sleezy Pieces, Sheiks of Shuffle, Swingline Cubs, Dan Hicks, Tony Starlight, Heavy Gauge String Band
Toby Millican - Henchmen, Smiling Castle
Paul Milne - Lock n Load
Bob Mitchell ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra, Dick Bayne's Music Makers
Max Mitchell -  Deep Summer, Silverheels, Strokker, Johnny & The Marks, Happy Daze, Rock n Roll Magic
Art Mineo - Art Mineo Quartet
Kerry Mogen - Ninja
Vincent "Bud" Molinari - Aesop and the Fables, The Deltas, The Highlanders
Jeff Monahan - Crown Jewels
Randy Montana - Back Seat Driver
James Moore - Thunder Road (OR), Thick & Thin
Richard Moore - The Wanted, Blues X 5, The Troggs
Robert Moore - The Hooters
Jeff Morales  - Larry & The Troubadours, The KOL Radio Band
Mike Morgan - The Stilettos
Steve "Bumper" Morgan - Unholy Rollers, Blizzard, Harbour, Slick and Wicked, Jessie, Kryptic LightSnapshot, Proof
Steve Mork - Ph Phactor Jug Band
Bud Morreset ~ Little Bill and the Bluenotes
Kent Morrill - The Fabulous Wailers
Neil Morris - Quiver, Renegade, Hotel Texas
Harold Morrison - The Cooltones, Fred Schwartz, Rimfire, American River, Rimfire
Dennis Morrow - London Company
Mark Morse - Flash, Starbux Band, The Models
Gus Molvik - Brave New World
Jay Morgan - Stormcrow
Greg Morlan - Hot Stuff, Chaser, Next Exit, Showdown, Variant Cause, Visible Targets, TKO, Sweet Madness, Runaway Trains, The Life, Cryer
Dan (Dee) Moyes - Night People
Dennis Mullikin - The Quirks, English Music Company
Dan Munger - Mystics
Pete "Moon" Munoz - Muf
Frank Murphy - Zorba & The Greeks
Doug Murray - Soma
Craig Mustain - Burnside Bombers, Smokehouse


Bob Nachiem - Rumours, Smith Brothers, One Hand Clapping, Muddy Waters
Greg Nance - The Chevelles, The Moguls, Music Prism, The Corvelles
Ted Napoleon - Zephyr, Front Page
Vince Nardulli - Easy Meat, Blues Dimension, The Handley Page Group, Zingo
Steve Nelsen - The Chargers
Michael Nelson - Odds n Ends
Jim Neske "Chance Eden" ~ Chance Eden & The Moonlight Marauders
Michael Nichols ~ The Henchmen
Bob Nixon - Good Stuff, Space, Foxfire, Five Pound Smile, Mountainheath
Steve Naud - Genetics
J. Van Ness Estes ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra, Dick Bayne's Music Makers
Ron Newton - Paige
Dave Nordstrom - USK, Too Slim & The Taildraggers, USK, Marshall Price, The Models, Loose Endz, Cary Fly Band, Cronkites
Danny Norblad - Fragile Lime
Rik Norgard - Lost Souls
Rick Novito - Proof, Leroy Bell and His Only Friends, Friends
Jerry Noyes - Warlocks, Seymour
Stu Nyquist - The Tycons


Garth O'Bray - The Note-Ables
Gary O'Bray - The Stripes
Jim O'Brien - D.T. & The Vandals, High Tide
Nick Ogilive - PH Phactor Jug Band
Dan Olason - The Counts, Emergency Exit
Buck Ormsby - The Fabulous Wailers, The Breakers
Rick Osborn - Kodiak Allstars

Phil Osborne - Quagmire and the Marsh Gas,
Bud Osgood ~ Lee Parker & The Sharps
Russell Oshiro - Spice, Mystery, No Risk, All Night Dinner
Don Osias - Combak, US, Maia Santell & House Blend, Red Beans & Rice, Natural Groove, The Playboys
Dale Osmundson ~ Joint Effort, Jaugernaut
Sid Ostrander - Panama Orange Tree, The Mergers
Bob Ostrom - Steve and the Goodtimes
David Overton -  Invaders (Ellensburg)


Vern Palm - The Feelies, The Lost Souls
Shari Pandit - Black Snake
Karen Paisley - Butterfat
Jerry Paquette - Jerry & The Gipsy Rovers
Joe Paquin - The George Hopper Exit
Brian "Shady" Parker - The Saints
Joe Parker - Henchmen, Tacoma Pops Band, Adam Wind
Lee Parker - Lee Parker & The Sharps, Little Bill & The Bluenotes, The Continentals, The Centuries, Dave Lewis Combo, The Wailers, The Statics, The Gallahads, Joe Faker, The George Griffin Trio
Bill Palmanteer - Nyanza, Grizzly, Anthem
Michael Parker - Mr. Lucky and The Gamblers, The Sludge Brothers
L.V. Parr - Playboys,Combak
Ken Parypa - Skyboys, Gumbo, The Great Pretenders, GNP, Uptown Country Boys
Larry Peacock - The Macabre Men
Jack Pearson - The Crystals
Stan Peebles - The Wellington Five, Leroy & The Galahads
Jim Pepper - Cruise Control
Gene Perkins - The Le Sabres
Jim Perkins - The Crystals
Bob Perry - The Epics
Elmer Peters - Many Sounds of Nine
Karl Peters - American River, The Nomads, Merrilee and The Turnabouts, International Brick, Tiny Tony and The Statics, OK - Fine, Peece
Jim Peterson - The Regents (Seattle), The Olympics
Richard Allen "Dickie" Peterson - Blue Cheer
Rueben Peterson - The Brodies
Ron Peyser - Clear Logic
Frankie Pierce - Product Fyve
Ken Pierce - Brian and the Liars
Jon Pieroni - Hot Stuff, The Perones, The Cads
Mark Pieroni - Hot Stuff, The Perones, The Cads, One Shot Deal
Larry Pigott ~ Lance Romance, BeanBarry Delights
Bill Piland - The Sleezy Pieces, The Sludge Brothers, Seymour and Beadhead
Gary Pinchak - Western Union
Dave Plastow - Dave & The Torments
Rex Plew - The Executives, Wall Street, Atlantis
Marc Plumb - Watt 4
Larry Plummer ~ The Reveleers
Chris Porter - The Cube, The Burners, The Instigators
Pepper Porter - Pepper Porter Band
Dick Pratt - Panic/The Panics, Wilson McKinley
John Pratt - The Just %
Larry Prentice - The Flashbacks, Otis and The Elevators, Don & The Premiers, Taylor
Pat Primiano - The Redcoats,Action Co.
John Pugh ~ Sky-Church, Juice
Barry Puhlman - My Sirs, The New Yorkers, Hudson Brothers, The Trolly, Gary Pucket & The Union Gap, Buddy Miles


Larry Quam - Full Circle


Luther Rabb - The Velvetones, The Stags, Nite Sounds, Ballin' Jack, Emergency Exit, Eric Burdon and War, Santana, Blood Sweat and Tears, Aalon, The Great Ape
David Raby - The Drastics, Mad Men of Note
Eric Rahkonen - Odus and the Savages, The Invaders (Ellensburg), The Valiants
Don Ramsey - The Spectres
Leo Ramirez - The Flames
Lew Ramstead ~ The Organization
Sean Ratcliff - The Gryffin Band
Celeste Rauschert - Harold Bradford Trio
Jack Rather - Sausalito
Doug Rayburn - Hi-Fi, Pavlov's Dog
Here's another picture of Doug, taken in St Louis.
Michael Raynor - Mountainheath, Wild Side, Road House, Dirty Dan & The Pirates
Joe Recken - Excellent Berries
Tom Reedy - Dick Twacy
Ian Reid ~ Money
Randy Reid - Exl's
Ken Ratchford - The Fugitives, Hounds of Baskerville
Delby Reil - Volume IV

Allen Reimer - Freeway, Shandelles, Ed Dyke Orchestra, Shawanagan
Greg Reiten - Lenore, Grandaff
Paul Revere - Paul Revere & The Raiders
Denny Reynolds - Aurora, Eddie And The Atlantics, The Heat Seekers, The Generics, Right In The Eye
Don Reynolds - Sparky and The Starfires
Gary Reynolds ~ The Scotsmen,The Avengers
Stan Reynolds - World
Rocky Rhodes - Rocky and His Friends, Rocky & The Riddlers
Al Richards - Phossil Phools,The Regents
Larry Richstein - The Valiants, The Bumps, Rube Tubin & The Rondonnas, Friends, Jr Cadillac
JC Rico - JC Rico Band
Dick Riley - Magician
Jerry Riley - The Chargers, Subtle Difference
Mike Ring - Canadian Downbeats
Gary Roberts - Crimson Saints
Robin Roberts - The Wailers, Little Bill & The Bluenotes
David Robertson - Brain Damage, Motherhood, Fireweed
Phil Robertson - Upcountry Band
Mark Robinson - Towne Cryers
Terry Robinson - Mission Mountain Wood Band
Bill Rogers - Savvy
Mike Rogers - Sweet Talkin Jones, Viceroys,Surprise Package, End Result
Bill Roland - The Intricates
Gerry Romaniuk - Squatters Rights
Barbara Ronk - Wakefield Manor
Durbin Ronk - Wakefield Manor
Mike Rosanna - Terry Lee & The Fathoms
Bob Ross - The Four Teens,Clockwork, Garden of Delights, Frisco Bay Blues Band, Uncle Meat, Cabin Fever, Patsy Lien and The New Country Generation
Mitch Rotunna - Neurotics
Burdette Rounds - The Macabre Men
Barry Rowden - Painted Ship, The Look
Bill Rowley - Mercenary,Eddie GIllan and The Cool
Mike Royce - The Pentatones
Corky Ryan - Five Pound Smile, Corky Ryan Trio


Haskell "Cool Papa" Sadler - Fatt Twice Together, Doubletongue
Greg Sage - Washington Merry Go Round, The Sage Brothers, The Breakers, The Tiffany Brothers, The Sand Fleas,The Rogues
Dave Salgado  -  Mystery, The Strollers, No Risk, The Strollers of Hawaii
Danny Sanders - Crown
Gary Sanders - Liberty
Russ Sankey - Reign
John Sargent - The Rockers
Duane Sathern - The Intricates
Ron Sarver - The Renegades
John Sayles - Butterfat
Mark Scalise - A Band Called Horse, Weston Davis Group
Bill Schaan - Impacts (Olympia)
Bill Schantz  -  Vesuvius, Quixotic
Steve Schiffman - Panama, Cincinnati Rail
Max Paul Schwenson - The George Hopper Exit

Bradd "Hub" Schwartzmiller - Hub and Squeak Show - The Prophets - Seth - SHEA - Play It Again S.A.M.

Gordon Scott ~ Seventh Resemblance Blues Band, Elmac Spider,
Vendu, Mother Giant
Taylor Scott - Acapulco Gold
Ray Shaefer - Army, White Heart, Heart
Scott Schneider - Nomads (Bellevue), Mystics
Chuck Schoning -  The Four Frantics, Frantics
Ed Schroeder - Vocal Point
Max Paul Schwensen - Home Cookin', Wolfe Tucker, Scargill, Slide n ' Jake, Waxy Maxy, Merrliee Rush, Doug Kershaw
Gordon Scott - Seventh Resemblance Blues Band, Vendu, Elmac Spider, Mother Giant
Isaac Scott - Isaac Scott Band
Ru Searson - High Mountain Ramblers
Carl "Joe" Seltice - Mondo Bando
Dave Senior - Riff Raff
Scott Sevenich - Allyson
Jeff Shafer - Stilborne
Jim Shand - Medd and Shaw
Bruce Shelton - The Icons
Dan Shew - Back to Back, Shadowfax
Pete Sheibel - Storm Warning
Joe Shikany - ShyAnne/Cheyanne, Bighorn, The Bards, The Allies, Wilson McKinley, California Poppy Pickers, Kentucky Blew Grass, Kidskin, Panic, The Stratocruisers, Magic Bus, Sex And Violins, PowerCell, N'SANE, The Davanos, and Spike And The Impalers!
Rod Shimizu - Stoways
Lloyd Shingoose - Canadian Downbeats
Ted Shreffler - Cherchers, Crome Syrcus, Cannon Ball
Vance Shirley - The Mystics
Greg Shue - Sleeper (75-76)
Gregg Shupe - The Shandells, Missing Lynx, Runabouts
Tabby Shori - Hi Fives
Larry Sieber  -  Burgundy Express, City Zu, Tyme, Reunion, Bulldog, Morning Reign
John Simpson - Calliope, The Bandits, Bitteroot
Johnny Sing (a.k.a.Johnny Gee) - The Changin'Times
Mike Skansie -  ToulooseTAO  Chemical Co., Fred  SchwartzWakefield ManorFront Page 
Wayne Sketchley - Just What The Doctor Ordered

Lenny Skye - The Orbits, Bullets, Fox
Oryan Skye (Russell Clouston) ~ Motherhood
Vanya Skye (Brian McManis) ~ Windjammer,Motherhood
Randy Slayton - Bounty Hunter
Thomas Sligh - Acapulco Gold
Willie A. Sligh - Acapulco Gold
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith-  The Galahads, Red Beans & Rice, El Caminos, Rock n Roll Jones, The Entertainers, Tiny Tony & The Statics, The Counts, International Brick, Marblehead
Gregg Smith - Blind Date (WA)
Jack Smith - Stretch Wabash
Jeff Smith - Blind Date (WA)
Lee Smith - The Huntingtons
Mike Smith - The Epics
Michael L. "Smitty" Smith - Paul Revere and The Raiders
Oliver (Ollie) Elgie Smith Jr - Tikis & The Fabulons
Ron Smith - The Great Pretenders
Ronnie "Blue Top" Smith - Phossil Phools
Tom Sobieski ~ Slow Buck
Doreen Solimon - The Epics(Yakima)
Jim Spanos - The Statics
Dan Spedding - Muther Troll
Michael Spotts (aka Mykel Spatz) - The Raymarks, Mariah
Jim Staff  ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra
John Staples - The Lawyers
Ken Steimonts - Bighorn, Aviary, Eskape
Buddy Stewart - Bighorn, Bad Manners
Mike Stewart - Intruders (Yakima)
Mike Stewart - The Vigilantes
Tom Stinson - Nashband
Marty Stites - Warlocks, River
Carl Storms - Seattle Star, Mr Clean ('78), Clean Slate
Gunnar Roger Stomperud - Shakedown, Burke Street Band, Sharon Young & The Restless, Stepp & Stomp, Delta Hoovercraft, SPUR, Bloodstream, Solid Citizens, Hit and Run, Kickin' Horse, Law Bros. Band,Lone Star Cattle Co., Northwest Company, Sweeney Todd, Clayton Hill
Larry Stone ~ Revolver
J.D. Story - Lance Romance
Janet Story ~ Rhythm Rockets
Mike Strom ~ Fat Chance
Marc Strong ~ Hot n Nasty

Ken Stuberfield ~ Chessmen
Steve "Sarge" Stransky -  Bad Bees, Tight Shoes, Get Back, Strange Syrkas,  Rudy and the Tubeshakers, The Phantoms Blues Band, Leaves of Grass, Stumblin' Gold, Canon, Dillinger
Mike Stymest ~ Canadian Strangers
Mike Sunitch - Pietertje Prospect
Bill Superak ~ The Panic, Wilson McKinley
Red Suttles ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys
Rick Swan ~ The Sonics, Push
Mark Swanburg - Eddie Gillan and The Cool, Peaceable Lane
Dave Swanlund - All Nites
Dick Swanlund - All Nites
Donnie Swanlund - Rhythm Rockets, All Nites
Steve Swanson - Carnival


Ron Tabak - Prism, Rasputin
Dan Tadlock - The Four Teens
Roddy Tae - Westgate Entrance
Larry G. Taylor - The Furys
Bobby Taylor - The Vancouvers
Mel Taylor - Ventures

Michael Taylor - Onyx
Steve Taylor - Marlon
Mark Telford - Dan Bissonette Band

Brian Templeton - The Young Men, The Limeliters, Glenn Yarbrough
Carl Wilson, the Cascades, Sam Andrew 

Ron Thacker - Municipal Sound Company, Vocal Point
Red Thelin - Red Thelin's Country Starlighters
John W. Thoennes - Washington Merry Go Round
Chuck Thomas - Spice, Mystery
Phil Thomas - Coupe de Ville (OR)
Steve Thorsland - Sin City Ramblers, Bittersweet
Brian Tingle - Kentish Steele & The Shantelles
Nick Torres - The Checkers
Ken Trader - Short Sirkit
Dave Trainor - Canadian VIPs
Pat Trainor - Canadian VIPs
Danny Tripper (Parro) ~ Hydro Electric Streetcar, Fireweed, The Danny Tripper Band, Hotwire, Dynatones
Paul Trousdale - Brave New World, The Intellectuals, Indian Puddin & Pipe, The Bod Rockers
Cecil Trowbridge - The Tune Trotters
Phyllis Trowbridge - The Tune Trotters
Brad Troxel - The Crestliners
Larry Troxel - The Escorts
Lanny Trudeau - The Raymarks
Noel Trusty - Griffin
Ron Tuele - Ron Tuele & The Monarchs
George Turner - Pembrook. Ltd., Piltdown Men
Eric Turner - Calculated Risk
Wynn Turner - The Sonics
Kirk "KT" Tuttle ~ Nitelife, Led Jaxon, Muscletones
Richard Tyler - Holy Modal Rounders


Gary Udovich - The Regents (Tacoma)
Russ Uusitalo - Many Sounds of Nine

John Uyemura - The MYND


Terry Van Fleet - Friesha
Jack Velker - The Ambassadors, Christian, Moonrock
Tim Vogt ~ Lone Star Cattle Company

Mark Paul von Beck - Oasys, Razor
Mike Vukolich - Quixotic


Dick Wade - Paul Bearer & The Hearsmen, Mossy Rock
Joe Wagoner - Matrix
Danny Wagner - Velvet Illusions
Twyla Wagner - Iron Maiden, Proof, Cincinnati Rail
Johnny Wahlbrink - The Flames
Bert Walchuk - The Bullets, Fahrenheit, Tank
Gaylon Walker - Danny B. Sneekers & the V.O. 5's
Gordy Walker ~ The Family Dogs
Mike Walker - VIPs
Danny Wall - The Chasers, Blues Dimention
Pete Wall - The Tune Trotters
Kevin Wallace - The Flashbacks, Daystar
Wayne Walters - The Electras
Ken Warder - The Chancellers
Lynn Ware - Artesians, Sir Raliegh & The Artesians, Dynamic Logs, Cameo
Darrel Warren - Bum's Rush, Bobby Lee & The Edsels, Born Free, Deception Pass
Jim Warrington - Mr. Natural
David Wasson - Acapulco Gold, Seattle Pure Dynamite
Dennis Wasson - Coltrain
Tom Watts - Tommie & The Turn-Ons
Gregg Watson ~ The Need
Alec Webber  ~ Roger Crandall and the Barn Dance Boys

Earl Weida - Chymes of Freedom, The Little Stones
Darryl Weiss - Onyx
Lloyd Whelchel - Easy Chair (70s)
Eddy Weseen - Mineral Water
Collin West - Coltrain
Garfield West -  Lanny Hunt & The Themes
Rusty West - The Woody James Band
Sarge West -  Smoke, Larry Coryell Trio, Apricot Brandy, Sledgehammer, Danny Ward & Reality
Ed Westby - Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen, Delrays, The Progressions
Jim Westby - Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen, Delrays
Buddy White -  'EMS' (Early Morning Sunrise)
Danny White - AXXN
Gid White - Sonics (Raymond)
Howard Wiebe - Fragile Lime

Mike Williams - Blue Sky, Lee Malone
John Witmer - The Fabricators
- Whiskey Howl, Downchild Blues Band
Matt Whitmore ~ Britainy
Lee Whittle ~ DT and the Vandals, Prism
Bill Wholeb ~ The Triumphs, The Corvettes
Glen Widgell - R&B Allstars, Long John Baldrey
Richard (Ricky) Williams ~ Toiling Midgets
Ron Williams - The Centaurs
Tom Williams - The Trespassers
Terry Winbecker ~ The Exotics
Jimmy Winkler - Jimmy Winkler and the Translove Airlines
Tony Winslow ~ Kracker, The Gynch, Gas Company, The Capers, NW Rock and Roll Band
Tim Winters - Sound Farm Ltd.
Jerry Woelke - The Novas, Soul-Searchers, Passion Flower Hotel
Ed Woistman - Rock Kandy, Oscar Thickfoot
Rick Wolfe - Hotel Texas
Clint James Wood - Baby Gunn
Gaylord Wood - Lone Star Cattle Co., Back Seat Driver
Leonard Woodall ~ Lou Sheeley Orchestra
Chris Woodward - The Torries
Bruce Wright - Broomtown Band, Blues X 5, Servant, Face the Distance,
Harold Wright - Fat Jack, Kiss Porky
Rick Wright - Brutus & the Bullies, Meatball
Jim Wroughton - The Titans
Fred Wyatt - Ron Tuele and the Monarchs




Yamada - Soul Bros


Jack Zeran - Crestliners

Tom Zawlawky - The Bootmen, The Capris
Gary Ziegleman - Buffalo Clancy
Greg Zimmerman ~ Amethyst, Stubborn Puppet, Reflections
Ron Zinko ~ Black Beats, Sunshyne, The Spectres

Last Updated:  15 February 2020